Benefits of going electric


The future of electric mobility is brighter than ever. With BMW Electric, you’ll gain access to a nationwide BMW Retailer network for repairs and maintenance, save on fuel costs, and get to enjoy the thrill of electrified performance at every turn.

Lower Maintenance Costs

With fewer moving parts and fluids to repair or replace, fully electric BMWs have lower lifetime maintenance costs. And with 50+ BMW Retailers across Canada, getting service is always simple and convenient.

Preferred Lane & Parking Access

Fully electric BMWs can be eligible for HOV lanes with a single occupant and access to convenient “green vehicle” parking spaces.

Financial Incentives

There are a variety of Federal and Provincial incentives and credits available for fully electric vehicles in Canada. Click here to find details about which incentives you could qualify for.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Zero-emission driving can reduce your carbon footprint and help you live a more sustainable lifestyle – for yourself and the world around you.


When it comes to driving an all-electric BMW in Canada, a few simple tricks can help take you a very long way.

Plan Your Trip Charge by Charge.

For longer trips, you can use the BMW Public Charging Map to plan your route and help you recharge along the way.

Use the BMW ECO PRO Driving Mode.

The BMW ECO PRO driving mode of the i4 is efficiency-oriented and designed to help you adjust your vehicle settings to get the longest range possible.

Vehicle Pre-Conditioning.

Pre-conditioning your fully electric BMW while it’s charging not only helps achieve the ideal cabin temperature in winter and summer, it also optimizes range.

Take Advantage of Ambient Heat Features.

In the BMW iX, the optional infrared panel heating, along with heated seats and steering, will help you keep warm while maximizing electric range.