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BMW Certified Collision Repair.

Accidents happen. Here at Maranello BMW we value the cars of our clients, that’s why we bring all our damaged cars to European Auto body, which is a BMW Certified Body shop.And while a BMW Certified Collision Repair Center can’t undo the accident, it can undo the damage.

For all your BMW certified collision repairs please contact EUROPEAN AUTOBODY your BMW CCRC store.

BMW Certified Collision Repair Centres are equipped with the most sophisticated BMW technology, including specialist alignment jigs, MIG welding equipment and paint spray booths designed to operate within BMW strict standards. Whether it’s a minor scratch or a major accident, your BMW is better off in expert hands.

Your rights as a BMW Owner.

BMW Certified Collision Repair.

Damage to your BMW, even if it’s minor, can be distressing. But unless you are on guard, what happens next can make matters even worse. You may find yourself under pressure from your insurance company to entrust the repairs to a bodyshop of their choosing. This may well be a repairer who in an effort to cut costs, does not use BMW Genuine parts or BMW approved repair techniques. Remember though, the choice lies with the policy holder not with the insurance company. You are entitled to insist that your BMW is repaired by a BMW Certified Collision Repair Centre.

Remember: It is your right to choose who repairs your vehicle.

In addition, BMW offers a two-year limited warranty on all Original BMW Parts used to repair your BMW and the peace of mind that your Ultimate Driving Machine will continue to live up to its name.

Backed by more than our word.

BMW Certified Collision Repair Centre Repair Guarantee.

Each BMW Certified Collision Repair Centre is dedicated to providing you with workmanship that meets BMW Group quality standards and is guaranteed for as long as you own your BMW.

The ultimate choice.

Genuine BMW Parts.

A BMW is unique and therefore only BMW know the details of its construction and the production drawings. Every single part is perfectly suited to its function and matched to the complex safety system found in every BMW.

The functionality of Genuine BMW Parts is carefully planned – air vents in the front apron cool the engine and brakes, side protection in the doors and invisible fracture points in the bonnet absorb the momentum of a possible impact. In addition to custom fit, we place particular importance on materials and finishes, restoring your vehicle to its original quality.